I didn’t start cooking until I was in my second year of college. And living in a house with 59 other girls. No, it wasn’t a sorority. It was a low cost cooperative housing unit, lovingly shortened to “co-op” and one of 17 such houses in Berkeley. As part of living in the co-op, everyone has to do their share of chores. For me that meant help cook dinners once a week for the house of 60. I started with chopping vegetables. If you can imagine what cooking for 60 looks like, that amounted to lots and lots of vegetables.

Somewhere between that year of chopping, moving to a smaller co-op where I helped cooked for 36 instead of 60, and graduating a few years later, I fell in love with cooking. I am finally pairing my love for cooking with my passion for photography in this website, dedicated to sharing my experiments with the world. It’s been a bit tough scaling down my portion sizes from cooking for 30+ to cooking for 1, but my friends have yet to complain. 🙂


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